2012 WPC Worlds – Las Vegas

I competed in the WPC Worlds this past weekend.


As soon as I started warming up, my knee wasn’t cooperating. I just couldn’t setup to save my life. I dropped my opener to 800 lbs. and still had issues with setting-up so bad, that I missed it. Took it for the second attempt and got it. I decided to pass on my third attempt before I hurt myself any more than I already am.


Opened with 622 lbs. This was the second time every trying to touching in my new shirt. It hovered about a half an inch from my chest for at least 15 seconds before I forced it to touch. Having to fight so long to touch, I lost all the pop off my chest but I was able to horse it out and get the lift. Instead of jumping to something I already have done, like 672 lbs., I went straight for the record, 710 lbs. I tweaked the shirt too much and could barely touch again, this time the weight was too heavy to horse up. I got it about half way. The head judge told me that it looked like my left arm just stopped pushing. Of course! my bad arm.  I tried again on the third attempt but I was pretty much spent at that point and missed.


I had one guy in my division and I was a good ways ahead of him after the bench so I decided to deadlift raw and take it easy. I dropped my opener to 500 lbs. a very easy weight. I then noticed that he had upped his open a little so I decided that I would take a second attempt to solidify my lead and jumped to 550 lbs. Hit it and passed on my third.

They said that there were over 700 lifters entered in this meet. The judging was so tight that a lot of lifters bombed out and for those who did make it through the meet, most ended up with their openers. This was no walk-in-the park competition.  There were some equipment issues, new mono-lift design, that were making it hard to lift, but overall the meet was a success and I will love to do it again.

Personally, I can’t remember when the last time my total was below 2,000 lbs. but with all things considered, I’m glad I made it through the meet.

The next step for me is to go have this knee checked out and see what the damage is. Hopefully, it won’t too bad that I can’t compete by next May.