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Bench & Deadlifts

07 August 2012no comments Bench Press, Deadlifting, Joe Norman, Powerlifting, Team Jax, Training

So I went into the gym last night with all intentions of doing a similar bench routine as last week until Yury Chakur, one of our team members, came with the bright idea that we weren’t deadlifting enough. In my last two meet, my bench was the same or higher than my deadlift. I can give all kinds of excuses but the fact is I out bench my deadlift now so I guess Yury has a good point.

His brilliant idea is to heavy bench and heavy deadlift on Mondays leading into the next meet. I guess it isn’t a bad idea seeing I have to bench and deadlift on the same day when it comes to competition anyways. So the plan has again changed for the next few months. Mondays will be one heavy bench exercise for triples-doubles and one heavy deadlift exercise for 5’s. On light bench day I will take the weights a little heavier to make up for the exercise I usually do on heavy bench day. This way I can get the variety in and the volume.

Football Bar Bench Press
135 lbs. x 5
185 lbs. x 3
225 lbs. x 3
275 lbs. x 3
315 lbs. x 3
335 lbs. x 2
335 lbs. x 2
335 lbs. x 2

Chain Deadlifts
135 lbs. x 5
255 lbs. x 5
315 lbs. x 5
405 lbs. x 5
495 lbs. + 70 lbs. chains x 5
495 lbs. + 70 lbs. chains x 5
495 lbs. + 70 lbs. chains x 5

For those who don’t know what a football bar, this is what ours looks like.

The football bar forces you to keep your elbows in and the way you hold it causes a lot of stress on your forearms and wrists. It’s tough but a good power exercise.

Even though we only did two exercises my hands are killing me today. The reps on the deadlifts hurt but felt good. Hopefully I won’t out bench my deadlift at the next meet.


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