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Max Squat Day, First in Months

23 January 2013no comments Joe Norman, Powerlifting, Squat, Team Jax, Training

Tonight was my first “real” squat workout in two months. The team was gracious enough to do band squats with me. I thought that band squats would be a good exercise for my first heavy squat workout after knee rehab for two reasons. One, the tension in the hole is minimal, this way I can work on getting my “pop” back and second, the constant pressure from the bands help stabilize the weight throughout the lift, this way all I had to worry about was pushing the weight.

Here’s the workout and video:

Band Squats
Bar x 5 reps
Bar + 150 lbs. bands x 5 reps
Bar + 250 lbs. bands x 5 reps
150 lbs. + 250 lbs. bands x 3 reps
200 lbs. + 250 lbs. bands x 3 reps
240 lbs. + 250 lbs. bands x 3 reps
290 lbs. + 250 lbs. bands x 3 reps
330 lbs. + 250 lbs. bands x 3 reps – Start knee wraps
380 lbs. + 250 lbs. bands x 1 reps
420 lbs. + 250 lbs. bands x 1 reps
470 lbs. + 250 lbs. bands x 1 reps

Leg Curls
90 lbs. x 10
100 lbs. x 10
120 lbs. x 10 x 2 sets

Leg Extensions
120 lbs. x 10 reps.

After the workout I was surprised at myself. We didn’t know how much band tension we had on until the workout was over. We had our lightest member stand on a scale and hold the bands to the tension so we could get a measurement.

With over 700 lbs. of weight and tension at the top, I was surprised. I have set a goal for myself to squat 800 lbs. at the Europa, APF Single-Ply Nationals, in April. It will be my come back meet since my surgery. By tonight’s performance I think I might have to set a higher goal.

One more thing before I finish this blog. Yes, Mom, and yes Honey, I am being careful. If it looks like I’m not doing it right, the guys are telling me and I’m stopping.


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