Monster Squat is my little way to give back to the sport of powerlifting. I hope to share my years of experience in the sport, especially my success in the squat.

If you don’t know who I am, you can go to the About Me page to read more about me or to my Lifting Profile to see my accomplishments.

I just finished the Members Area of the site, which consists of a Q & A section and access to the online version of my books.  I plan on building the area to include even more content in the months to come.

There are two membership levels currently:

The Basic Membership is FREE and gives you  access to the Member’s Q & A section, which is a question and answer board for members to share their knowledge, as well as special posts that only members can read.

The Monster Membership, for a small one time fee, gives you access to everything the Basic gives plus access to special pages for monster members only, on training and other topics. On top of that the Monster Membership give you access to the online versions of both my books “Monster Squat: A Step By Step Guide to a Bigger Squat!” and “From Gym Lifter to Competitive Powerlifter: The Beginner’s Guide to Competitive Powerlifting!” The online books are more than worth the small one time fee to join.

If you join today, you will get a  FREE PDF copy of Squat Like A Powerlifter: The Beginner’s Guide to The Perfect Squat, (Chapter 1 of Monster Squat), my e-book dedicated to teaching squat form!

If you need more one-on-one customized coaching, I plan on offering virtual training consultations via Email, Texts, Skype, Facetime, or Google Hangouts. Contact me for more information.


Lift Strong, Lift Safe, Live Strong!


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